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About MICO

Who, where, when, why?

The Malden Independent Community Organisation (MICO) is a community organisation with the aim of preventing overdevelopment, and encouraging sustainable development, in New Malden and protecting the heritage of our town.

We are not planning experts and we do not claim to understand all aspects of all planning consultations around us – we are however united by a belief that New Malden can do better than what has been presented to us on various issues currently affecting the town.

Some will disagree with our view and this is perfectly acceptable – we should be proud to live in a society where we are free to express our views as we wish. MICO encourages ALL members to get involved in local issues, regardless of whether or not they share our view. Our constitution states that any opposition to the views of members/MICO will never be taken as personal slight or criticism because simply put, it isn’t personal criticism.

Membership is open to all Maldens and Coombe Neighbourhood residents and we urge them to join us in ensuring development in our town is sustainable and balanced.

We urge all local residents to get involved, give their views, and join MICO so that together we can campaign to prevent overdevelopment in New Malden and ensure that New Malden keeps it heritage and community pride.