A pool ‘guaranteed’, but at what cost?

The Malden Independent Community Organisation is campaigning with local residents to ensure that the cost of a pool and leisure centre in New Malden is not a concrete jungle in the Cocks Crescent and Blagdon Road area.

Current figures within the Cocks Crescent SPD state that up to 520 new homes could be built in the Cocks Crescent and Blagdon Road area, which is on top of 200 flats set to be built at Spillers and the Multi-Storey, 50 flats at Sun Gate House and a further 45 flats at Park House. Totalling these figures together gives a staggering number of 815 flats – only 15 less than the number of homes on the Cambridge Estate!


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This vast number of flats will inevitably put pressure on infrastructure and parking in the local area, which already struggles to meet demand. In addition, the scheme will see building on the open space – we are arguing that this must be preserved and relocated elsewhere.

We are asking residents to support our campaign by writing to their Councillors, and, more crucially, attending Guildhall on the 23rd November at 7:30pm to have their voice heard by the Growth Committee. It is here that residents will have the opportunity to make their case to Councillors and let them know that 520 extra flats in the area is simply unsustainable. Please do join us – we’re stronger together.

3 comments on “A pool ‘guaranteed’, but at what cost?

  1. November 19, 2016 Yoga Bowers

    Re “attending Guildhall on the 23rd November at 7:30pm to have their voice heard by the Growth Committee.” Is there any more information available as I am considering attending.

  2. December 5, 2016 alan dempster

    This current batch of Councillors have caused more trouble in our town than any before during my lifetime.There is NOTHING wrong with our Malden Centre which is extensively used by all sections of our citizens. This includes my family. The malden centre park is a tranquil haven in the summer especially and must be protected.
    We do not WANT or need this development.MICO must fight it every inch of the way.

  3. December 7, 2016 James Stone

    I share the concerns raised about the potential for the SPD as drafted to lead to over development of Cocks Lane which in turn will put additional pressures on local services and infrastructure.


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