Council officers accuse MICO of spreading ‘inaccuracies’ and ‘incorrect information’

New Malden residents were left shocked after a the resident ‘Engagement Manager’ at Kingston Council dismissed their fears regarding the Cocks Crescent SPD as ‘inaccuracies’ and ‘incorrect’.

In an e-mail sent to all Kingston Councillors, the ‘Engagement Manager’ (i.e. to engage with the community) branded the leaflet we sent out (link) regarding Cocks Crescent, the concerns of which were directly taken from resident correspondence with MICO, as ‘incorrect’ and spreading ‘inaccuracies’.

This is disgraceful treatment of Malden and Coombe residents by Kingston Council, and is further proof that your Council isn’t listening to you. Public servants are paid for by the public to serve the public, not to put their own needs, wants or wishes ahead of them.

Here’s the e-mail in full (bar redactions to protect personal information):

Please click here write to your local councillors, to show that we, as residents, are united against the Cocks Crescent proposal in its current form, and to show that we will not stand for being treated in this shocking manner.

2 comments on “Council officers accuse MICO of spreading ‘inaccuracies’ and ‘incorrect information’

  1. December 23, 2016 Norman Iles

    This is typical of the present administration of Kingston council ,if they cannot get their way ,they try and undermine the residents until they do, i have never seen such a concreting over of a London borough as I have seen in this last 5 years, although I voted for them they are becoming arrogant and do not care about the people they are supposed to represent ,perhaps someone should remind them of this

  2. December 24, 2016 j Feist

    AS usual. New Malden residents have to contend with plans to ruin what is left of the New Malden I remember when I moved here 29 years ago..It was a community then, now it is a group of houses owned and containing many people who frankly don’t give a dam !The council are continually coming up with ideas to undermine the opinions of the few who DO give a dam about their surroundings and commun ity. We know, that with an added 600 or so abodes, New Malden will be stretched out of all proportions and our schools, doctors and general living will be badly affected by the added accommodation.Once it goes through, there will be no going back.Councillors please listen to those people that are on the position to vote.Be assured, I feel that you will not be returned next time if our voices are not listened to.


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