Decision night THIS WEDNESDAY: One final push. Two ways to help.

My heartfelt thanks to all who turned up on the 25th March to rally against the proposed overdevelopment in New Malden. We had over 250 residents in attendance, and were featured in the Surrey Comet and other local news outlets – all in all, a good success.
This is now the final push in getting Councillors to listen to residents and oppose gross overdevelopment in New Malden, before decision night on the 19th April.
You are, of course, invited to attend the meeting which will determine the future of our town, held at 7:30pm at Guildhall on the 19th April.
Before that, there are two ways you can help:

This is our final opportunity to apply pressure to our elected representatives. Please write to them as a matter of urgency, telling them to oppose the Cocks Crescent SPD. Alternatively, why not use our handy tool and let us send an e-mail on your behalf?


The power of a phone call is underestimated these days – your Councillor has to publish a contact number, which residents are free to use at any time to contact them about any issue. In these final few days, we urge you to call your councillor and express your concerns – it could make all the difference.

And finally, bottoms on seats are crucial on the 19th April… if you could give a lift to a nearby neighbour, or need a lift, please use our handy forms here and we’ll be in touch – thank you for your support in this matter.




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