GO Cycle: Kingston to New Malden – have your say!

MICO is opposed to the Kingston to New Malden scheme in its current form. We met with Council Officers in November 2016, and we have published our full response below avis pfizer viagra..

The next GO Cycle consultation from Kingston Council has been released, seeing segregated cycle lanes being created to ‘connect’ Kingston with New Malden. Whilst MICO is not in any way anti-cyclist, we do have a number of concerns that we would like the Council to address. Residents have until 17th November to have their say and can do so at www.consult.kingston.gov.uk. Please feel free to incorporate our concerns into your response.

 Our initial thoughts on the scheme…


Improves safety for cyclists

Upgrades a number of crossing points to zebra crossings

Filter lane for Dickerage Road


Removal of the bus lane, which is very well used by residents

Use of continuous footway crossings, which is unsafe for the vulnerable.

Double yellow lines outside independent shops

Removal of a number of right-turn filter lanes, causing traffic chaos

Bridge by BP on Kingston Road is too narrow to fit in all proposed – what about the pigeons under the bridge?

Please send us your thoughts to contact@maldenindy.co.uk

Our full response to the scheme in its current form: MICOs Kingston to New Malden GO Cycle response

3 comments on “GO Cycle: Kingston to New Malden – have your say!

  1. November 10, 2016 Akeel Mustafa

    Living in NM since Oct.1978
    . Great to keep the fountain. Could reduce the diameter by 5-6 feet and use
    directional arrows and crossing yellow lines.
    . Double yellow line between California and Georgia roads . Shops have their own
    parking on the pavement. Use filter turning to St. Johns road.
    . Not sustainable to accommodate over 500 residential units in limited Cocks
    Crescent which is the only recreation area for the residents of NW. Totally
    wish you success in your endeavour
    Thank you

  2. December 4, 2016 John

    If the ridiculous cycle Lane on the Portsmouth Road is anything to go by stop now please time for a new set of planners

  3. December 6, 2016 john Bell

    Please no more Cycle Lanes like the one on the Portsmouth Road!
    I am a keen cyclist and there is a need for cycle lanes but not like this.


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