We have one last opportunity to save the roundabout – sign our call in

A new plan from Kingston Council has been released that would see the removal of our Fountain Roundabout, destroying our heritage, and cause untold damage to local, independent businesses.

Kingston Council plan to demolish the fountain, a landmark that has been part of our town for over a century, and is a key part of the heritage of New Malden. The roundabout would be replaced by traffic lights at every junction, but more crucially the right turn into Burlington Road from Malden Road would be abolished for motorists, causing harm to all independent businesses on Burlington Road, the Farmers’ Market and parents at the Burlington Schools.

This plan would cause chaos for local residents all across New Malden, most notably those in Thetford and Blagdon Roads.

The Malden Independent Community Organisation are standing up for New Malden residents and campaigning to SAVE OUR FOUNTAIN! Please join us in responding to this consultation to REJECT the plans and SAVE OUR ROUNDABOUT.

PLEASE RESPOND TO THE CONSULTATION BY THE 18TH JULY: Go Cycle – Fountain Roundabout New Malden and in addition, add your voice to oppose these plans:

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Oppose the plan for New Malden Fountain

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End date: Jul 18, 2016

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OUR LEAFLET: Save fountain roundabout


  1. July 3, 2016 Shirley

    I lived in Burlington road as a child and to see the fountain gone would is just unforgiveable and for what . I totally understand how dramatic this would be for all concerned its a traviste and should never even have come up as a plan.Can they not spend there money on making homes and flats in the area that have been unattended for so long more attractive to the residents and locals which people need more than travic lights.

  2. July 6, 2016 Terry Paton

    A Brief history of – The Fountain Roundabout
    And a plan for the future

    The current fibreglass fountain was kindly placed by the New Malden branch of the Rotary Club in 1982, to replace the water fountain horse trough which was first demolished a 1932 car accident at the then staggered junction.

    The Bands of Mercy paid for the original stone fountain in 1894, it was closer to the high street, later being moved to Presburg Road following repairs after the 1932 accident where it was seriously damaged again.

    In December 1952 Edith Willbourn, the wife of a retired policeman from the New Malden station was killed when her bicycle was in collision with a car at the junction. The public had previously demanded that traffic lights be placed there to control vehicles.

    We have opened a consultation regarding the future of the Fountain Roundabout, the proposal is to replace the roundabout with a crossroads.

    The area around the roundabout becomes a much larger public space with seating an ideal position for a new stone water fountain similar to the original one.

    A crossroads would combine safe crossing places for pedestrians at all four corners, create safer cycle facilities put in a large public space, and an opportunity to replace the fountain near its original 1932 position, and assist traffic movement through the busy junction.

    The 265 bus would still be able to turn right into Burlington Road, cars turning right would cause a significant delay to traffic light phasing and needs to be carefully considered in the consultation.

    Traffic light control would allow for the unpopular no right turn at the Blagdon Road New Malden High Street Junction to be removed with advanced traffic light technology at the crossroads linked to Blagdon Road allowing space to turn without blocking the High Street, Blocking this junction was the historic reason the no right turn was installed.

    A smaller roundabout would not assist traffic flows, or enable decent crossing facilities enhanced public space or safe cycle route for children and the less confident cyclist.
    We have an incredible history in New Malden this remains important to us, we would like a proper fixture in place to mark the original fountain and make the area more attractive for local residents.

    The changes would be paid for through Kingston’s Go cycling bid from the Mayor of London’s cycling fund a central grant from the Mayor’s office for safer cycling across Greater London set up by the former London Mayor Boris Johnson.

    The Council’s consultation is open until 18 July.

    Thanks to The Maldens & Coombe Heritage Society for their help with the history of the fountain.

    Terry Paton Beverley Ward Councillor

    • July 14, 2016 Mark Penny

      Why should the 265 bus be allowed to turn right and not cars. Busses cause far more congestion and delays on the roads than cars. Allowing cars to turn right clears them from the area earlier. Some cars that want to turn right will just exit onto the other roads and do U turns to allow them to turn into Burlington Road and ind oing so cause more delays and congestion. Just allow cars to use the roads they pay for.

      • October 20, 2016 Tom Watson

        “Busses (sic) cause far more congestion and delays on the roads than cars” might well be the most moronic thing I’ve read on the internet this year.

  3. July 11, 2016 Val Gennings

    I am concerned that the entry and exit from Charnwood Close will be made much more difficult with traffic lights which will cause standing traffic across it and queuing vehicles unwilling to let us out. This also includes buses using the bus stand at the top of our road (residents weren’t consulted abt their introduction.)

  4. July 11, 2016 J Feist

    Why is Kingston council trying to take away the heart of New Malden ?It would leave us looking like any other faceless London borough such as Colliers Wood. We used to be proud of living in New Malden.Now we will be losing THE place that everyone knows as well as our Malden Centre, the one place that makes us a community.Cars and bikes should NOT take priority over people.Bikes should not get priority over anything.They don’t even pay towards any upkeep of roads.They could use the crossing already adequate for us mere 2 legged mortals.Spend OUR MILLIONS on improving and ,maintaining. what already exists, housing, pavements(where they still exist !!)trees, local parks etc. Why not try and improve the social housing that exist and make it for New Malden residents and not for other boroughs castoffs..My daughters have had to move an hour away from me because she can’t afford to live here with their family.Shape up Kingston Council and try doing something for the people who pay your wages, for a change !!!!!

    • July 12, 2016 P Long

      I’ve lived in New Malden all my life, I cycle to work and a I drive a car in New Malden and beyond.

      My initial reaction was “That’s a terrible idea”. Then I went and actually looked at the Fountain Roundabout. It’s nothing special and hopefully the new “public space” will be more attractive and you still get your fountain. This time it’ll be stone rather that a fibreglass one from the 80s.

      One poster says “Cars and bikes should NOT take priority over people”. The roundabout is in the middle of the road, this changes the road layout in order to try and address the serious problems New Malden has with traffic congestion. Of course this proposal is going to deal with the prioritisation of cars and bikes, do you often walk across the roundabout?

      “They could use the crossing already adequate for us mere 2 legged mortals” cyclists are supposed to be on the road, they should not be using the crossing. I realise there is a small percentage of idiotic cyclists that can never make up there mind as to whether they are a road user or a pedestrian but that doesn’t mean we should promote the behaviour

  5. July 12, 2016 Cassandra K. via Facebook

    Only households close to the fountain rec’d paperwork/consultation questionnaires. This effects all NM residents. All for improving aesthetics of the roundabout, and perhaps putting in deterrents to stop people scrambling dangerously across the road from Nando’s. But a crossroads????
    = traffic traffic traffic. I walk from Malden Rd to the High St everyday. Never have I had an issue crossing the road/roundabout safely (I’m touching my head now).
    I adhere to what I was taught as a child, ‘The Green Cross Code’

  6. July 12, 2016 Brian Mason

    Whoever at the council came up with this ludicrous idea need to think more deeply why the roundabout gets jammed at times. It not the roundabout that causes the problem it’s the amount of through traffic. Part of the problem is caused by the traffic lights Blagdon Road where all the traffic leaving Blagdon Road which now includes the new housing estate, the post office yard, the Malden centre and a large car park. All these vehicles have to turn left, even if they don’t want to, onto the high street and then onto the roundabout before they can choose which way the want to travel. These lights are timed during the rush hours to favour the traffic coming out of Blagdon Road this causes long hold ups, sometimes further back than New Malden Station. They are also dangerous, because the traffic travelling south is on red the traffic traveling north is on green.
    The two sets of traffic lights at the roundabout also stop the traffic don’t help but the biggest problem on this roundabout is that the Keep Clear markings are not in the right places. I’ve written to the council several times about this when I lived overlooking this roundabout but they keep reprinting them in the wrong places.
    I really would like the council to understand that repainting these Keep Clear markings in the right places would allow the traffic to flow better. This would be cheap probably a few hundred pounds, God knows how much the removal of the Fountain roundabout and replacing it with traffic lights will cost? Perhaps someone at the council can let us all know how much of our council tax is going to be wasted on this idea.
    I really do believe that most people in New Malden would want the roundabout to remain. It’s attractive and give the area a ‘village’ feel. Why should the people of New Malden lose this roundabout because of traffic passing through or that the council can’t be bothered to go out in the rush hour and see that their Keep Clear markings are not working. I’m happy to meet anyone to point out where they should be.

  7. July 12, 2016 Kathryn Shrimpton

    I picked up a planning notice pack at new Malden library, not sure if there are any left. Personally, I think replacing the pretty green roundabout with a multiple laned junction would be a terrible blot on a historic area. It looks like a dead, black volcanic moonscape for cars. Considering that all the surrounding roads are single lane, why is it necessary to make such a large junction? All the cars will have to immediately merge into one lane as soon as they leave the junction which will not improve traffic flow at all!

  8. July 12, 2016 Alison

    Born in New Malden nearly 50 yrs ago And even after moving from the area 20 yrs ago I was devastated to read this. My parents were born and bred in New Makden although sadly no longer with me would certainly agree with me. Get a grip Kingston council we need to retain historic features

  9. July 12, 2016 Sean Lang

    I grew up in New Malden and I remain proud of being a New Maldener. The Fountain is the single most distinctive feature of the village, a reminder of its past, when it was a borough in its own right.

    Everywhere has its heritage and that heritage needs to be preserved if a place is to retain its soul. The Fountain is the heart of New Malden, held in affection by everyone who has ever lived there. Remove it and you remove the most important part of New Malden’s heritage and identity.

  10. July 13, 2016 J.Blake

    Why oh why is this scheme being proposed which will cause immense problems for existing road users and especially residents of Thetford Road & Presburg Road who will not be able to access the A3 roundabout to go south towards Guildford. Having no right turn from Thetford road, no roundabout at the Fountain and no right turn into Burlington Road how is traffic going to access the A3 ?

    Of course cyclists (of which there are a very small number compared to other road users) will not be inconvenienced at all. The statistics quoted in the consultation document are meaningless without a comparison and how many cyclists actually use this junction compared to other road users ?

    Sharing crossings and paved areas with cyclists and pedestrians will be dangerous and will increase the risk of accidents to the very young and old.

    The idea of a large public space area with a few trees outside Nandos will not attract people to spend time there. Who would want to sit and spend time next to a busy junction with 3 lanes of traffic waiting a the traffic lights. Opportunities fpr aretail kiosk wto be placed here would be more than outweighed by businesses relocating if their staff, supplies or customers cannot get good access by car or public transport to the area. The proposed traffic light and road junction changes will make it a traffic bottleneck.

    The so called disconnect between businesses on Malden Road and the High street is exaggerated. Yes, there is Burlington Road in between but that is not going to change with the new scheme and if you really want to visit those few shops and the Pub then you cross the road at the designated existing crossing, it’s not a problem !

    The whole idea is being dressed up to solve problems that doesn’t really exist apart from a willingness to experiment and snarl up traffic at the expense of a handful of cyclists. I have already spoken to a number of local businesses who are very concerned about the impact that this will have on their deliveries, their staff journeys and client footfall.

    The roundabout is a pleasant green entrance to New Malden High street which sets it apart from other grey and concrete laden shopping areas. How can demolishing it make New Malden look more attractive ?

    Lets keep it as it is and stop this waste of money, potential major long term inconvenience and risk of serious local damage to New Malden’s prosperity.

    I also notice that Councillor Terry Paton is the Portfolio Holder for the Go Cycle Programme so his view is not exactly unbiased !!

    • July 18, 2016 Malden Popular Front

      “The idea of a large public space area with a few trees outside Nandos will not attract people to spend time there.” shortly followed by “The roundabout is a pleasant green entrance to New Malden High street….”

      Make your mind up will you!

  11. July 13, 2016 H

    It would be a very sad day to see the fountain go. The right turn further up onto Dickerage lane is a major traffic hotspot and causes soo much back log traffic all the way to the fountain especially during rush hour which then has a negative effect on Burlington Road and Malden Road too. If Kingston coucil could remove the bus lane there, by only a short distance to allow cars to overtake the right turners safely and without getting a ticket. I personally think this would remove alot of pressure on the fountain in rush hour, because as soon as you pass that road I have found that traffic flows very freely.

  12. August 10, 2016 jeremy wyllie

    I am resident of new malden and cyclist with a family and I offer the alternative view lets have a debate !

    There is a debate going that indicates there is not sufficient evidence to demonstrate the junction has or may cause accidents. There is some statistics ( 2 days worth) quoted recently and this is only a small sample. If you are forced off the road while on your bike, then go to GP or A&E later because of injury, sprain, cuts bruises etc this will not be recorded. A member of our family was forced off the road in Elm Road in 2015 cycling to Coombe Sixth form, Coombe sixth form first aider checked he was okay and treated the graze and bruising, no police attended. Car driver apologised and admitted it was their mistake.

    Just because there is not a crossing at the moment between Nandos and the bus stop does not mean pedestrians do not want one and object to having to walk with or without children down to the zebra crossing. It is the same for crossing Nandos to the Watchman.

    Crossing between Nandos and the Watchman it is hard to find a gap in the traffic to get across, the cars are accelerating around the roundabout and into the high street. Try crossing on a dark winters evening, it is scary.

    RBK have reported following consultations that respondees raised the issue of the disappearing bike lanes at the roundabout and the difficulties for pedestrians.

    Pedestrians know it is unsafe to cross to the bus stop at the roundbout by Nados but still take a chance or they walk the long way via the zebra crossing

    We had visiting teenagers who cycled from Morden on cycle lanes via Worcester Park but they said they had to get off at the scary roundabout, the fountain and walk.

    Likewise, teenagers cycling to Coombe Girls or Coombe Boys, Richard Challoner, Holy Cross or Raynes Park Secondary Schools, would more cycle if the roundabout and high street were made safer for cyclists. Cycle Commuting to the station, via high street and roundabout you feel vulnerable but you cycle anyway or choose not to cycle to the station. Other parts of Kingston with better cycle lanes you feel much safer.

    We know someone who was knocked off his bike cycling to the station via high street had a broken wrist.

    Today saw a near miss between a car and 131 bus at the roundabout while on bus. Bus had to sound horn and swerve.

    Cycling in New Malden, compared to other areas of Kingston and other boroughs, it is not up to 21st century expectations.

    Synchronised traffic lights, there is a crossing in Wimbledon that is designed to let all the traffic stop at once and you cross diagonally on a marked path across the middle of the junction. There is also one like this at Cheam and the pedestrian lights tell you how many seconds left, like the crossings in central London.

    Kingston Town centre has been made bike friendly, if New Malden was made easier to access by bike and foot, more people would cycle to shops and farmers market and to the local businesses and shops that we want to support. Likewise, pelican crossing that allow you to completely cross the road, and not have to wait in the middle make being a pedestrian easier, more likely to walk to shops instead of drive. The crossing between the solicitors and the Fountain, you have to wait in the middle. Try doing this with small children, holding their hands it adds to the stress you feel more vulnerable, much better to cross all in one go.

    Make walking and cycling at this junction and you will have more people using the high street and spending money in businesses, shops and leisure centre

    In conclusion just because there is no exact data for cycling and pedestrian near misses does not mean there is not a serious problem- that potentially could lead to fatal accidents. I am sure we do not want to wait for this to happen

    We do agree this project may need adjusting but in principle we need rid of the existing roundabout layout asap. We need to improve this junction to be safe for all.Surely to improve air quality we need to discourage road traffic and encourage more healthy modes of transport walking /cycling if we make the junction more friendly to use for all.
    Finally it is important to note the monies for this does not come out of the council budget but comes out of Transport for London and Mini Holland Schemes it does not come out of your council tax .

    • August 11, 2016 Yvonne

      Jeremy – can I ask please to you, where do you think the Mayor of London’s money comes from?

      Where does the GLA get its funding?

      Through the GLA element (c.£300 per household) of our Council Tax! So I’m sorry but this is being funded by the taxpayer and is a total stitch up by the council. “This or nothing”?!? claim the council – what a load of rubbish.

      • September 5, 2016 jeremy wyllie

        hi Yvonne its not rubbish . Monies come from the go cycling campaign coming out central funds not local council budget. of course at the end of the day its tax payers monies. I think we need to work together and not demonise the cyclists nor road users which we all in danger of doing I am sure you would agree we need to replace the existing scheme which is dangerous for all users. I think the view expressed on your organisation are a small proportion of new malden pop . I think there is a shift to using other modes of transport like Europe do . Using less cars would reduce noise and petrol pollution surely that going to be good thing. I have recently come back from france and noticed the stark difference with less traffic on roads in big town such as amiens compared to new Malden which is ever running with cars . yes i think the new junction scheme if it ever happens would aim to reduce car traffic i do not think thats a bad thing.

  13. August 27, 2016 Andrew McEwan

    Replacing the roundabout with traffic lights would be a huge mistake and make the current situation even worse. The kingston planners who messed up the high st a few years back are certainly not qualified to make proposals like this. What happens when the lights fail and are not working (as happens frequently at the Dickerage lane bridge). A series of traffic calming measures and a mixed pedestrian/vehicle environment (as the new tolworth broadway) and lowering the height of the roundabout to improve visability for drivers, would slow down the traffic and reduce the congestion of cars on the roundabout. Also, moving the current pedestrian crossings further away from the roundabout would also reduce the congestion and increase the flow.

  14. September 18, 2016 Tim Dobson

    I have written to both our MP and the Council re these plans but to no avail.

    This development has got to be stopped as it is a totally misguided and a backward step. Who exactly asked for the removal of the roundabout? Nobody I know.

    The so called local “consultation” was on a couple of days for a few hours with no prior notice.

    A roundabout is the most efficient method of dealing with varied traffic conditions. Putting in traffic lights will make no difference to traffic density and will mean even at quiet periods there will be needless stationary traffic at the junction.

    Just because the fountain doesn’t work is no reason to remove the whole roundabout. Just fix it. As for the accessibility argument the only reason you would want to get near it would be to put some more bubble bath in it!

    Lastly how does removing a green circle of grass and flowers for crossroads soften an area?

    I am a cyclist but still would prefer a roundabout. Most of the Lycra brigade will jump the red lights anyway so it won’t be any safer at all. To believe that this will encourage families to cycle is so wrong. The traffic will still be the same.

    Why would enhancing the public space be of any benefit? Who will want to sit on a bench breathing in the fumes of several lanes of cars waiting at red lights. This is not a central piazza in Rome. In fact such spaces actually encourage anti social behaviour especially as there are two pubs nearby. It wil just attract street drinking and groups of youths just hanging around. Wait and see. It all looks lovely on a computerised graphic image but does not reflect the reality of lifecim afraid.

    I can think of numerous ways the money could be better used to improve New Malden.

    This development must be stopped as it is a complete disregard of local needs and wishes. Where are the figures to actually PROVE its benefits rather than supposition of those who don’t even live nearby?

    Please please reconsider this plan.


  15. September 18, 2016 Tim Dobson

    PS. As the post mentions above, just look at the mess they made of the high street a few years back. Same will apply here no doubt.

  16. September 22, 2016 Maria Johnston

    I lived in George Road as a child and moved away some years ago. However I still pass through to visit the area, and feel totally saddened at the latest removal of part of New Malden’s history. Thank god they didn’t demolish the police station! The Fountain is a historic part of the area and was once the main hotel and terminus for trams and trolleybuses. Yes I agree that the position of the current roundabout is not the exact spot where the original Victorian fountain once stood, but it is nevertheless the most recognised location of the area. I will always have fond memories of where I grew up, but not at the expense of losing yet another piece of my personal history. My father lived in the area most of his life, and if he were still with us, he too would be both angered and saddened by this action.

  17. September 26, 2016 Maureen Blabd

    Would it not be a good idea for the Council to set up some temporary traffic lights before each exit onto the roundabout as a trial, so everyone can see how it will affect the traffic. Then I am sure the roundabout will remain

  18. October 11, 2016 Simon Clark

    This wouldn’t be happening if people didn’t use their bloody cars so much. Born here a long time ago…the problem is traffic from Kingston taking two routes east and converging in the same place. NM roundabout. The rest of the place becomes a very infuriating rat run. The 265 needs to turn right for obvious reasons, it carries people not clogging up the roads!! I know for a fact, cyclists dont want to be stuck waiting at cross-roads/ traffic lights where more interaction occurs with vehicles wanting to ‘get ahead’ and beat the lights. Most cyclists can navigate safely a roundabout and pass through slower traffic. Whoever thought of this is an imbecile, and hope it is rapidly reversed after the first incidents take place…hopefully not a fatality. Dont even start me on the heritage of the fountain…morons through and through.

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