Park House Burlington Road development – have your say

Park House, 87 Burlington Road KT3 4QP is currently being converted from a 3 storey office block to 28 flats.

The developers have now applied to build another floor with more flats.

We believe it is important that local voices are heard and so ask that you let the council know your thoughts through a method detailed below.

PROPOSAL: Proposed extension to the existing building at second floor and third floor at the rear and a new fourth floor to accommodate new flats together with associated works – expected until December 2019.

WHAT THIS MEANS: There will be a four storey on Burlington Road towering above all other properties in the vicinity. over 30 new flats will be crammed in but only 17 parking spaces provided. The shared public access road to Burlington School, Blagdon Park, High Street, Malden Centre will have more vehicle traffic on it than ever before.

The full plans can be seen by clicking HERE, or go below to write an objection:

Objection to Park House development - sign

To whom it may concern

I am writing to make a formal objection to the planning application for Park House in Burlington Road, planning application reference 17/15107.

I am writing to object for the following reasons:

- Adverse impact on daylight distribution which will affect surrounding properties - Up to ’13.33% less daylight distribution’ to some houses in Burlington Road.
- I strongly dispute that this building is a 'local landmark' as said by the developer: ‘Our proposed scheme further enhances the role of this building as a local landmark'. This building, at four stories, is out of character with the local area, surrounded by a park and two-storey buildings. Burlington Road is not the home to four-storey plus buildings, and this proposal is out of character.
- The council requirement for 30% family dwellings in DM13 will not be met.
- This site is within the Cocks Crescent SPD. In the SPD, the Council make it clear they will oppose piecemeal development - for this reason, the development should be rejected as it is piecemeal development.
- The Council's car parking requirements for a development this size are 1-1.5 spaces per unit. This development only proposes 0.6 spaces per flat, which will have an adverse impact on parking in the area and local traffic.
- There is no affordable housing or any financial contribution to the Council, which is disgraceful. This also means the development will not meet the 50% affordable target set by RBK.

In light of these facts, and taking into account also the impact this will have on local infrastructure, I urge the Council to reject this application.


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