Victory for residents after Council u-turn

VICTORY!!! Our Fountain Roundabout is safe.
At Full Council last night (18th October), almost 200 residents sat in the public gallery for the final chance to have their voice heard. Then, at the eleventh hour, Kingston Council issued a statement proclaiming they were backing down and scrapping the Fountain scheme.
Thanks to the support of local residents, the Malden Independent Community Organisation successfully forced the administration to backtrack on their previous aim to bulldoze ahead with the scheme, despite the majority of local residents being in staunch opposition to the scheme. Together, we have shown Kingston Council (your representatives) that we meant what we said.
ALL councillors voted to scrap the plan – a unanimous decision.
THANK YOU to all those who:
– Joined us on our march, covered by Radio Jackie and the BBC
– Signed our call in, 870-strong, which successfully forced the scheme to be scrapped
– Signed our original petition, 579-strong, which put pressure on the Council
– Attended our public meeting
– Attended Residents Committee in September
– Who joined us tonight at Guildhall for the final decision!
– Delivered leaflets!
– Joined MICO to support our campaign
– Wrote to their councillors
– …and helped in various other ways!!!
“Without your support, this would not have been possible. This has not been an easy four months, and has been an uphill struggle. We’ve stood firm, and do you know? It’s certainly been worth it. This has not come about because of opposition from any political party – this has happened because of local residents sticking up for their local area. Tonight we ought to be celebrating – this is our victory. This is what happens when independent residents unite, fight for their local area, and force change. We can make a difference – together.” — James Giles, Chair of MICO
We won the argument at every stage and, only because of opposition from residents and MICO, we won the campaign.
This isn’t the end however…
– Plans have just been released for the Kingston to New Malden cycle route. Please send us your thoughts on these as we formulate our stance over the next week. Find out more at
For now however, celebrations are in order – only because of you did we win, showing we are stronger together.

3 comments on “Victory for residents after Council u-turn

  1. October 22, 2016 Alan Parry

    As a resident on the other side of the A3 roundabout I have only just been made aware of the plans, and if I had known about it I would have joined your campaign. As a pressure group have you considered contacting Historic England and having the roundabout structure listed –
    this would protect it for all time and ensure that the owner (RB Kingston upon Thames) maintains the structure.

    Unless it is also listed you could also apply to have the horse trough outside the Watchman Pub also listed.

  2. November 3, 2016 jeremy wyllie

    Victory I do not think . It does not make new Malden any safer place to live with a dangerous roundabout still there .
    Why are we always seem to be at conflict with the council there is silent majority who want changes to reduce car traffic prevent people being killed pedestrians and others .
    go cycling is about ensuring safer place for all walking – pedestrians, buses its not perfect but we need to work and not be in conflict.
    We need to reduce pressure on the road system to avoid everyone being affected by car pollution .
    The go cycling on kingston road has the right principles I am sure there be loads of opposition

    i wonder is MICO addressing the needs of ALL in new malden but just a certain proportion of the pop
    are some people against cyclists -it seems so . In europe cyclist has the same rights and pathways as cars ie cylists routes and our density of pop is the same density of pop as countries eg holland so there should be space for all on the road

  3. November 4, 2016 jeremy wyllie

    i wish to withdraw my comments as above i need to rethink what I want to say



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