Final chance to e-mail councillors before 19th April

This is it. This week, Councillors will either approve or reject the disastrous Cocks Crescent SPD.

This is our final opportunity to apply pressure to our elected representatives. Please write to them as a matter of urgency, telling them to oppose the Cocks Crescent SPD.

Alternatively, why not use our handy tool and let us send an e-mail on your behalf?

Final chance to e-mail your councillors:

Dear Councillor,


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If you’d prefer to write your own letter, here are the contact details:

Leaders at Kingston Council:

Liz Green (Liberal Democrats) –

Kevin Davis (Conservatives) –

Linsey Cottington (Labour) –

Mary Clark (Kingston Independent Residents Group) –

Beverley Ward

Terry Paton –

Raju Pandya –

Paul Bedforth –

St James Ward

Ken Smith –

Priyen Patel –

Jack Cheetham –

Coombe Vale Ward

Julie Pickering –

Roy Arora –

Cathy Roberts –

Old Malden Ward

Mary Clark –

Kevin Davis –

David Fraser –