Revealed: the ‘inTouch’ they won’t want you to see…

Conservative ‘inTouch’ leaflet: CLICK HERE

Just 24 hours before the Cocks Crescent SPD call-in, where 713 local residents have signed a petition which forced the council to review plans for gross overdevelopment in New Malden, a Beverley Ward Conservative ‘inTouch’ has been found from 2009, wherein the Conservatives make a very clear promise to constituents:

“We will not support any residential development in Cocks Crescent.”

Commenting, MICO Chair, James Giles, said: “We realise that this isn’t necessarily feasible with the current demands for new homes from central government, however to go from supporting zero homes to supporting up to 520 homes in the space of less than eight years really, in my opinion, is rather phenomenal – what has so massively changed to prompt this huge u-turn?

“The leaflet was attributed to the Conservative candidates of the day, Mary Clark and Mike Head – both of whom now serving Councillors. We know that Councillor Clark will be honouring her promise, and opposing overdevelopment, but the question now remains as to whether Councillor Head and the rest of the Conservative Group will.”

In light of this document, we’ve set up a special form for residents to e-mail Councillor Head, urging him to keep his personal promise to residents, and are urging residents to sign it below.

Councillor Head: Keep your promise!

Dear Councillor Head,

In 2009, you promised to oppose ANY residential development in Cocks Crescent (see:

You are tonight faced with a decision that will involve residential development on a scale of up to 10-storeys and up to 520 units.

Will you keep your promise that you made, and support residents' plea in opposing this gross overdevelopment in Beverley Ward?

I hope that you will do the right thing, and honour your word. I also hope, having copied in other councillors, they too will listen to our concerns and stand up for us on 19th April.

Yours sincerely,


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MICO will be holding a protest outside Guildhall from 7pm tomorrow, Wednesday 19th April, before the Full Council meeting at 7:30pm where elected representatives will make a final decision on the Cocks Crescent SPD.

All residents are invited to the meeting and demonstration. Your MICO committee look forward to seeing you tomorrow at 7pm, at Guildhall, KT1 1EU.

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